Hit Solid Irons - IronSolid

The pursuit of a well struck iron shot

The IronSolid Practice Method                                                                             


Six Simple Steps to use the IronSolid 


Follow these six simple steps and your iron play will improve dramatically from your first practice session using the IronSolid!  Hit it Solid!





1.  Point IronSolid at intended target down range

2.  Place practice ball 4 ball lengths ahead of IronSolid for consistent starting distance with a low iron (W-7)     

3.  Hit the practice ball without contacting the IronSolid on the take away or when attacking the golf ball


4.  Check divot and IronSolid for instant feedback



5.  Move IronSolid with club to line up next practice shot



6.  Reset practice ball and repeat process



Get better immediately using the IronSolid in your practice session, in warmup before your round or just in taking dry swings in your back yard. The IronSolid is also very effective when used in practicing sand shots and shots out of the rough.

SteptSix Simple Steps to use the IronSolid