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Hit Solid Irons - IronSolid

The pursuit of a well struck iron shot

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The IronSolid Mastery Method

How To Re-Learn Your Golf Game and Enjoy It More, The Weekend Golfers Method to Taking Back Your Golf Game.

Do You Play the Limit Game?

“Me, break 85? No way, I’m happy to play bogey golf, that’s my limit.”

Unbelievably, this is the level to which many recreational golfers aspire. As golf season starts winding down, millions of golfers will pack their clubs into their trunks and head out to their favorite course. Upon arriving, paying fees, and hauling out an incredibly expensive set of clubs, 98 percent of these golfers will spend the next few hours underachieving on the links. They will miss shots. They will cuss. They will get frustrated and angry, and begin to hate their game. Even though they say they are comfortable playing poorly, they are not. 

Stop playing with limits and start loving your game.

You have the potential to play good, if not, excellent golf. This is true if you are a senior golfer that has played the game for 40 years, and still can’t break 90. It’s true if you are a 20 year old, took up the game four weeks ago, and still have not hit a solid shot.

With these lessons, I want you to discover your own unique potential and start playing the best golf of your life. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, finally start focusing on what you can do. Your potential as a golfer has no boundaries, other than the ones you have imposed and after completing these lessons, those boundaries will be redefined.

The Dilemma of Golf

You have learned the game backwards. This is the primary reason you have never fulfilled your potential on the course. The dominant teaching methods never really gave you a chance. Before you even began, the “golf system” beat you. Then, you beat yourself.

I learned the game in the traditional manner in my late 20s, when we were still hitting persimmon wood headed drivers and using balata golf balls. At the age of 30, I was able to break 90 occasionally, and that is where I stayed for the next 12 years. Then, I re-learned the game in a “non-traditional” manner and I went from occasionally breaking 90 to routinely shooting scores in the low 80s, playing only weekend golf.

My experience is not unique. There are thousands of golfers all over the country who are now learning the game the correct way and breaking 85 consistently. But for every one of us, there are hundreds, even thousands, who are still beating their head against the traditional golf teaching methodologies and under-achieving on the golf course. Time honored traditional teaching instruction doesn’t work as well as learning the game differently. 

This is the golfing dilemma:

· Golfers invest large sums of financial, emotional, and time energies into their game.

· Virtually every golfer, deep down, wants to play the game much better than they are currently playing.

· For some reason, our performance is not measuring up to our desire, and certainly not our potential.

Something is wrong and every golfer knows it. They feel it every time they get to the course, elated to be playing and leave, frustrated, angry, and upset. Most golfers eventually feel like the golf system has failed them, and as a result, we fail ourselves.

The game should be enjoyable. You should love it.

We are our own worst enemies. But, once we learn to get out of our own way and let our potential shine through, some very exciting things begin to happen. And not only on the links, but in every area of our lives, if we just let them. These lessons are solid principles and they are universal. Apply them to your golf game and use them elsewhere as well.

The IronSolid Method

There are two major goals of this method. First, to lower you golf score. Second, to broaden your golf perspective and enrich your total experience. The result: you will love your game again.

If your sole objective is to write lower numbers on your golf scorecard, I have no doubt that will happen. But, if in some measure, you take what you learn here and discover your own potential, then your journey to loving your game, will be a true blessing.