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IronSolid Blog

Hitting Solid Irons Like a Tour Pro; The Analysis of Impact and Divot

Posted by ironsolid on March 10, 2019 at 10:55 AM

First of all I'd like to thank the person that produced the video and analysis of the video - Par Breaker Golf. Bernard Sheridan.

I found his video analyzing Tiger Woods hitting an iron shot on YouTube and it explains what happens at impact and the divot and the all the angles involved.

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When I first studied the impact zone in the early 2000's I used high speed video and analyzed over 50 pro tour swings, I was lucky at the time I had access to high speed graphic computer system and was able to break down the video by frame and make measurements.

Quiz time -

What is the "angle of attack" for the perfect smash factor?

What is the "shaft lean angle" to produce a solid crisp iron shot?

When does the "pro divot" start and end?

In my research I found the answers.  There is a common denominator of all PGA Tour Professionals, they all do the same thing in the impact zone when hitting an iron shot, or they wouldn't be Pro's.  Yes they all swing differently but they all hit the ball before they hit the ground the majority of the time - the physics and geometry doesn't lie.

The issue is you can't see what is happening with the naked eye in real time, because of the clubhead speed. So we tend to concentrate on their slow movements, the back swing.

So the answers:

The mean average of the angle of attack is 24 degrees from horizontal (flat line ground). Tiger is a little steeper.

The mean average of the shaft lean is 15 degrees from verticle.  Tiger Woods is on the high end at 19 degrees (he hits a 6 iron 200 yards).

The divot starts on the target side of the ball and the length is approximately 3 inches in average.

Bubba hits it solid!

So how does the recreational golfer train/practice to hit iron shots like the pro's?

I would suggest you use the IronSolid. Why? becasue of the instant feedback you receive, the rapid skill development and the easy way to keep your iron game in tune.

Hit it Solid! IronSolid.

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